Practical Energy Conservation Tips for Homeowners

Solar Power MonitoringAs a homeowner, you need to find ways to conserve energy at home not only to as a means of protecting the environment but also saving some money! More and more homeowners are installing solar panels to reduce the reliance on the traditional electricity, cut costs and lower the carbon footprint. Installing solar panels will enhance your energy conservation, nonetheless, there is a lot more you can do. You can save electricity in numerous ways by reexamining your daily activities. Making your home more energy efficient will save tons of money annually.

Consider the following energy conservation tips for your home:

You can reduce energy wastage by monitoring your energy consumption using a smart thermostat.  It allows you to minimize energy use during moments you do not need extra heating or cooling.

Enhance energy conservation at home by upgrading all your domestic appliances to ENERGY STAR rating. Ensure that any tiny appliance that is not in use is actually unplugged and not on stand-by. You do not need that extra refrigerator in your garage. Investing in appliances such as Television or refrigerators with ENERGY STAR ratings will reduce your energy consumption by more than 30%.

Replace all your traditional bulbs with LED light bulbs that not only more durable but also reduce your lighting energy needs by more than 80%.

Make sure you home insulation is not compromised by sealing any cracks and leakages in door frames and windows. Proper insulation of the exterior and interior of your home will reduce the cost of keeping your home warm or cool.

Reduce your energy consumption by using cold water rather than hot water for washing clothes. Consider installing a water heater timer to lower your electricity bills and take shorter showers. Regularly clean dust and debris from furnaces, ducts, central AC, and ventilations.

Most homes nowadays are full of electronics devices, conserve electricity by using a power strip to turn off all devices when not in use. When your computer is not in use always shut it down or set it to hibernate or sleep mode.

Operate appliances that consume a lot of energy such as washing machine and dishwasher during off-peak hours such as nighttime when the cost of electricity is much less compared to peak hours.

Renewable Energy

Besides conserving energy at home, you can reduce your energy bills by investing in a renewable energy source such as solar. Switching to solar energy at home by installing solar panels will cut your utility bills by a considerable amount. What’s more, it is great for the environment and contributes immensely to lowering the carbon footprint.

According to Powertec Solar homeowners can use solar energy during peak hours when the electricity rates are highest to offset your energy costs. Now with net metering, you can sell the surplus electricity generated from your solar energy system during peak hours when the cost of electricity is at peak rates. At night during off-peak, you can buy back the electricity at low rates cutting your energy bills significantly.

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