There are many reasons to make your home a safe and welcoming abode for all of your friends and guests. A non-toxic house is one that is not only healthy to be in, but it also provides greater peace of mind. It also means that any potential friends with allergies (or some type of debilitating illness) will also be welcome to visit you. Why would this be so?

resparkle-heroWell, for one, a non-toxic home means that hazardous chemicals are not in easy reach of little ones (nor is there even a remote chance of someone leaving a safety latch unlocked or a bottle of some dangerous liquid open (and threatening a spill!).  Not only will children avoid accidents, they will also benefit from internalizing the good cleaning choices that you make.

Maybe they will see you making your own cleaning alternative or maybe they will get to know which companies have made a commitment to the environment and to their health. They will not have to wean themselves off of using dangerous conventional products that they never had to use and make a habit of in the first place. It also means that anyone in your home (including you!) will be able to take deep breaths without worry.

Secondly, a non-toxic home means less exposure to bad chemicals that are even present in your mattress and pillows. Formaldehyde is used as a fire-retardant. The overuse of chemicals like formaldehyde can contribute to neurological damage and endocrine disruption. It can even be a source of cancer, or you could just call it a human carcinogen. If you felt tired for no reason or experienced insomnia, you might be experiencing its effects. Headaches, coughing and skin irritation may also be caused by it. This is why less chemicals mean better health! In the long-run, it means saving money because even though store-bought synthetic cleaners may seem cheaper, they can cost a lot in medical bills.

Thirdly, climate change is an issue! Resources are dwindling in different parts of the world. Conservation counteracts all this because fresh water is getting scarce and we need to protect what we have. It may seem as if a landfill can be built anywhere, but surely there are limits! How far is too far? Are we willing to see our own backyards become landfills? No way! Even college Hazardous Waste Management classes talk about NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). It is for this that the United States sends trash overseas. Whole communities in other parts of the world scavenge electronic trash they received from U.S. shipments just so that they can live their day to day lives (and they get sick in the process).

Now that you've read some reasons for non-toxic living, let us ask you a question. If there is a better way, why wouldn't you take it? Perhaps laziness, ignorance, and bad habits are responsible for the choices people have made. They can no longer be an excuse. There are many organizations and individuals who are spreading good information on how to make changes in our lives.