• Practical Energy Conservation Tips for Homeowners

    As a homeowner, you need to find ways to conserve energy at home not only to as a means of protecting the environment but also saving some money! More and more homeowners are installing solar panels to reduce the reliance on the traditional electricity, cut costs and lower the carbon

  • Choosing Eco-Friendly Interior Design

    Functionality and beauty are the important elements of good interior design. The objects we select to put within our spaces should be safe for our own health and the environment. This means staying away from materials that contain toxic substances that harmful and opting for eco-friendly materials for our interior

  • The Benefits of Hiring Green Cleaning Services

    The Benefits of Hiring Green Cleaning Services The call to protect the environment has been increasingly gaining ground all over the globe.  More people are becoming aware about the effects of environmental pollution and the importance of conserving the environment. Many environmental organizations have been championing environmentally friendly practices such

  • Green and Energy Efficient Home Insulation

    As many homes continue to go green we must also find ways to conserve energy use in the home. Even as we install renewable energy sources like solar panels, the impact on the environment will only be positive if we utilize energy efficiently. One of the great ways to save

  • Three Ways to Make Your Home Non-Toxic

    With all the hype of so-called green products, sometimes being more eco-conscious can mean something as simple as making things for yourself. Make your own non-toxic products and make your own cleaning schedule, you will be healthier and happier that you did. Change your so-called “traditional” cleaning products for non-toxic

  • Two Reasons for Installing Solar Panels

    Plenty of sunshine feels good while sitting in your home. But it feels even better when you know that it provides the electricity running the appliances within it. Adding solar panels to your roof is just the way to do it. There are two reasons for this that we would

  • Why Use Green Products: The Hidden Costs of Conventional Cleaning Chemicals

    In the past two centuries, most families have transitioned from home-made concoctions for the convenience of store-bought and ready to use aggressive chemical mixtures. What is known today as traditional products, like ammonia, bleach, and other cleaners (with warning labels on the back!) are not as traditional as they seem.