Hello there visitors! If you're wondering where you have landed on the interwebs, the following words will help you out.

cover-girlWhen we first meet someone, and are invited to this acquaintance's home, we are obliged to treat them as a friend. In this sense, all the world's people are our potential friends. This idea can be furthered with the words of a famous writer, Sophrab Sepehri. He once asked, “Where is the friend's house?”

If we were to read these same words in his Persian language, khanaye doost kojast, it would be written as خانه دوست کجاست؟ (from right to left). Are all your friend's homes the same? Are they limited to one style of housing? If you know people from different parts of the world, you know that the answer is no – every home (and building style!) will have differences. And a friend's house, or home, doesn't just begin and end at a doorway.

So to give one extensive answer to Sophrab Sepehri's question, we have created our website, Khaneye-Doost.com. It is the home of our blog on homes and friends! So where is the friend's house? It is all around us (because it is the Earth!). This website is a humble offering of advice on how to make changes in your life to respect this home and this friend (that is, all the people of Earth!). We have articles on green (read: ecological!) products to help you get started on the right foot with your own home first – if you can respect your own home, you'll be respecting your friend's home as well.


Sustainability Tips

There are many ways to make sustainability a part of your life. You must focus your perspective as if you looking through a funnel that goes from the local to the global because that is one little home does make an impact on our large shared home that we call the Earth.


Non-Toxic Living

A non-toxic house is one that is not only healthy to be in, but it also provides greater peace of mind. It also means that any potential friends with allergies (or some type of debilitating illness) will also be welcome to visit you. Why would this be so?

An Eco Home Improvement

Practical Energy Conservation Tips for Homeowners

khanayedoost 7:26 pm 

Solar Power MonitoringAs a homeowner, you need to find ways to conserve energy at home not only to as a means of protecting the environment but also saving some money! More and more homeowners are installing solar panels to reduce the reliance on the traditional electricity, cut costs and lower the carbon footprint. Installing solar panels will enhance your energy conservation, nonetheless, there is a lot more you can do. You can save electricity in numerous ways by reexamining your daily activities. Making your home more energy efficient will save tons of money annually.

Consider the following energy conservation tips for your home:

You can reduce energy wastage by monitoring your energy consumption using a smart thermostat.  It allows you to minimize energy use during moments you do not need extra heating or cooling.

Enhance energy conservation at home by upgrading all your domestic appliances to ENERGY STAR rating. Ensure that any tiny appliance that is not in use is actually unplugged and not on stand-by. You do not need that extra refrigerator in your garage. Investing in appliances such as Television or refrigerators with ENERGY STAR ratings will reduce your energy consumption by more than 30%.

Replace all your traditional bulbs with LED light bulbs that not only more durable but also reduce your lighting energy needs by more than 80%.

Make sure you home insulation is not compromised by sealing any cracks and leakages in door frames and windows. Proper insulation of the exterior and interior of your home will reduce the cost of keeping your home warm or cool.

Reduce your energy consumption by using cold water rather than hot water for washing clothes. Consider installing a water heater timer to lower your electricity bills and take shorter showers. Regularly clean dust and debris from furnaces, ducts, central AC, and ventilations.

Most homes nowadays are full of electronics devices, conserve electricity by using a power strip to turn off all devices when not in use. When your computer is not in use always shut it down or set it to hibernate or sleep mode.

Operate appliances that consume a lot of energy such as washing machine and dishwasher during off-peak hours such as nighttime when the cost of electricity is much less compared to peak hours.

Renewable Energy

Besides conserving energy at home, you can reduce your energy bills by investing in a renewable energy source such as solar. Switching to solar energy at home by installing solar panels will cut your utility bills by a considerable amount. What’s more, it is great for the environment and contributes immensely to lowering the carbon footprint.

According to Powertec Solar homeowners can use solar energy during peak hours when the electricity rates are highest to offset your energy costs. Now with net metering, you can sell the surplus electricity generated from your solar energy system during peak hours when the cost of electricity is at peak rates. At night during off-peak, you can buy back the electricity at low rates cutting your energy bills significantly.

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Choosing Eco-Friendly Interior Design

khanayedoost 7:22 pm 

Functionality and beauty are the important elements of good interior design. The objects we select to put within our spaces should be safe for our own health and the environment. This means staying away from materials that contain toxic substances that harmful and opting for eco-friendly materials for our interior design. The following are some of the environmentally friendly interior design choices you should consider today.

  • Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to improve air quality by filtering the air of toxic substances and providing clean air to breathe. As for the interior design, plants are a form of décor that are beautiful and cheap. The top interior designers know that there is every type of plant that is suitable for each particular kind of space. For instance, potted plants such as the rubber plants, the Boston fern, fiddle leaf fig, bonsai tree just to mention but a few freshen the appearance of any room.

  • Large Uncovered WindowsLarge Uncovered Window

Windows are the perfect source of natural light and should be large and uncovered to lighten the room and reduce energy costs. It is better to rely on natural light instead of electricity by keeping the windows bare as much as possible. Natural light from the sun makes the illuminates the room and makes everyone at home or in the office feel brighter. Plus the sun has lots of health benefits like vitamin D and antibacterial properties.

  • Natural Materials

Instead of synthetics choose natural materials. Materials such as plastic are generally inexpensive and plenty however they have adverse effects on the environment. Choose natural fibers such as linen and cotton and avoid synthetics. Organic materials are the best way to conserve the environment.

  • Energy Efficient Bulbs

This is something we here all the time but some people are still using the old energy wasting bulbs. Ensure you include only LED lights or the compact fluorescent lights (CFL) into your interior design. An eco-friendly interior design must incorporate energy saving lighting that has the least greenhouse effect on the environment.

  • Keep Away from VOCs

Breathing in volatile organic compounds from carpets and paints is harmful to your health and pollutes the indoor air and the environment. When buying carpets and paint ensure that they have labels indicating the level of VOC. Ensure they have the accepted levels of VOCs that are considered safe so you can breathe comfortably.

  • Design with Energy Efficient Windows in Mind

Home insulation is a critical part of interior design and what better way to keep the house insulated than using energy efficient windows. This will ensure your heating and cooling systems do not work overtime to keep your home comfortable.

  • Eco-Friendly Wall Coverings

There are more environmentally friendly wall coverings made from sustainable materials such as wood panels and cork tiles that can be used in the place of wallpaper and paint.

  • Reclaimed Wood

Select natural wood or bamboo furniture for home or office and avoid cheap artificial materials. Natural materials also make great flooring materials such as cork floor tiles, stone and bamboo flooring are the best and most affordable alternatives.

For Eco-friendly interior designs please consider some of these tips above for your home or office renovation for a beautiful eco-friendly and functional design.


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The Benefits of Hiring Green Cleaning Services

khanayedoost 6:07 pm 

The Benefits of Hiring Green Cleaning Services

Green CleaningThe call to protect the environment has been increasingly gaining ground all over the globe.  More people are becoming aware about the effects of environmental pollution and the importance of conserving the environment. Many environmental organizations have been championing environmentally friendly practices such as recycling and green cleaning to promote good health at home. Most homeowners are considering green cleaning out of concern for the environment and the health of their families. Cleaning companies are also switching to green cleaning products and methods to protect the environmental and health concerns of their clients.

There are numerous environmental and health benefits of applying green cleaning both at home and in the workplace. Therefore, when hiring a domestic cleaning company in Southampton for your house or business place make sure that they offer green cleaning services.

We have outlined some of the reasons you must consider hiring a green cleaning company:

•    A cleaning company that offers green cleaning services supports environmental and health protection which promotes community development.

•    Green cleaning maids are concerned about maintaining indoor air quality by using natural cleaning agents which do not pollute the air in the house.

•    Green cleaning service companies do not use dangerous toxic conventional cleaning products which are major pollutants. These harmful products can cause serious health problems and environmental degradation.

•    The use of harmful chemicals in the conventional cleaning products can cause increased sensitivities and allergies by spreading allergens. A green cleaning company will avoid such products protecting and instead use a natural cleaning product that protect the health of your family and pets.

•    Hiring a green cleaning service will make the environment at home and at the workplace safer while protecting the environment as well.

In the big cities such as London, Manchester, New York, Chicago etc. you will find a lot of green cleaning companies providing green cleaning solutions for their clients. The demand for green cleaning solutions has increased as more people become both environmentally and health conscious. Green cleaning products are friendly to surfaces and do not cause damages which lead to constant maintenance.

A green cleaning company must adhere fully to the green policies that have been established by using approved cleaning products and techniques that are deemed ecologically friendly. Green cleaning companies must also have the right staff who have proper training in green cleaning products and methods. Green cleaning products are not less effective as most people might believe, they deliver excellent cleaning safely without harming the environment or health.
Your need to make your home safe for your family including pets. Conventional cleaning products have been proven to cause serious health complications both in the short term and long term. Make the healthy choice today and hire a green cleaning service company either at home or at the office.

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Green and Energy Efficient Home Insulation

khanayedoost 9:42 pm 

As many homes continue to go green we must also find ways to conserve energy use in the home. Even as we install renewable energy sources like solar panels, the impact on the environment will only be positive if we utilize energy efficiently. One of the great ways to save energy especially during the cold winter season is to improve the insulation in all the rooms in the house. Proper insulation will prevent the loss of heat through the roof, walls, duct or attic. Good insulation will keep the house warm during the cold season by trapping warm and keep the house cool during the summer by locking in cold air. This will help save the energy used for heating the house during winter and cooling the house during summer. This will make your house greener and more efficient saving you huge energy bills.

Insulation for Attics, floors, and walls

The only barrier for your house against the outside climate is the outer shell made of the walls, roof, floors and the attic. With that in mind, it makes good sense to have proper insulation for the attic, floor, and walls to keep the climate outside from getting inside. Therefore, you use less energy to heat up or cool the house when there is proper insulation. Roof insulation keeps the warm from escaping since hot air rises keeping your house warm during winter and reducing dependence energy-consuming heating systems.

Seal Air Gaps

Although you may invest in good insulation your energy bills may still be high as a result of air gaps found in doors, windows, electrical wiring and plumbing spaces etc. These gaps may allow cold air to find its way into the house making your heating systems consume even more energy. Therefore, you must prevent loss of energy through weather stripping and caulking both windows and doors. Tight insulation may not be practically possible old houses but after sealing all major leaks the ventilation will provide enough fresh air.

Insulation of Ducts

The air conditioning or heating systems for most houses are normally centrally located and rely on a system of ducts to circulate air. However, if ducts are not well insulated they may leak significantly lowering the efficiency of your heating or air conditioning system. Therefore, to conserve energy you must ensure that all the ducts in your house are well sealed and insulated to allow the cool or warm air reach all the intended rooms. Ducts going through the basement or attic are the most critical and must be properly insulated. Check the registers on the floor or walls and ensure they are properly sealed to prevent air from leaking.

Insulating using Reflective Material

A majority house insulation techniques prevent the transfer of heat through physical barriers. On the other hand, reflective materials act as radiant barriers reflecting radiated heat most from the roof in the attic. When the heat from the roof is reflected the house remains cool and less energy is used in air conditioning. The reflective materials also prevent heat energy from escaping keeping the house warm.

According to Granitestone Renovations remodeling your home for better insulation is one of the effective ways to save energy and go green.


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Three Ways to Make Your Home Non-Toxic

khanayedoost 5:31 am 

With all the hype of so-called green products, sometimes being more eco-conscious can mean something as simple as making things for yourself. Make your own non-toxic products and make your own cleaning schedule, you will be healthier and happier that you did.

  1. Change your so-called “traditional” cleaning products for non-toxic ones.

Home-Non-ToxicMake a kit of non-toxic cleaning alternatives. Clean your windows with vinegar diluted with water (and to get the glass extra clean, add about a quarter of a teaspoon of a biodegradable liquid detergent!); put your vinegar and water mixture in a reusable spray bottle. If you want to do more than mirrors, switch the vinegar out for washing soda.

Your oven cleaner can be just as easy to make by switching to baking soda. Instead of mixing the powder into water, just sprinkle it on to the wet surface of your oven. Let is rest for a few hours or a whole night, and then scrub it good and clean! Keep these non-toxic products on hand. If you are well-stocked, you won’t be tempted to buy unhealthy and dangerous products in the first place!

  1. Change your high VOC paints for some home-made ones.

VOC means volatile organic compounts, or in simple words, organic chemicals that are easily released at room temperature. Why deal with toxic vapor if it really isn’t that difficult to make your own paint? How can you start? With milk, wheat flour, and linseed oil! You’ll have to get your colors from earth pigments though. By making your own paint, you’ll be avoiding what the EPA documents as indoor air pollution. There are low and zero-VOC paints but they are usually expensive. That might change in the future, if more people were better informed, but for now our best and cheapest solution is to make our own.

  1. Set up a general maintenance schedule for your home.

Laziness can even get the best of us, but the regular cleaning of our homes will ensure that harsh chemicals will not be needed – a cleaning schedule will make heavy-duty products unnecessary! Another way of making your home non-toxic is by having durable and eco-safe materials, like glass instead of plastic. Plastic can easily retain smells and stains, but well kept glass and wood exudes elegance and the ability of its owner to be gentle to his or her belongings. Get used glass and wood materials from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Yes, plastic can resist a fall, but once it cracks or breaks it goes to a landfill. Glass can at least be recycled, and wood can definitely age beautifully.

By switching to home-made cleaners and paints, and using them in your home consistently, you’ll avoid harsh chemicals and set an example for all those that live and share their lives with you. Who knows, maybe some years into the future the friend’s house will be your house, and if your actions moved others to change, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to move into a toxic-free house!

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